04/12 14:00 SIC 2010-2011

Team Co-op
3’0” | Macau | 2010 [B]
SIC 2010 Best In Event

Puzzle Lai Meng Tak (Director), Frank Wong (Director), Ben Cheng (Animator)

Life is like a film, a few seconds could change a lot in our lives. People always behave and do what makes them happy. In many cases they do not truly consider the influence of their behaviors on their living environment. A minor construction or destruction made by everyone could cause global temperature change and regional effect. Do we still want to continue this game? Or what we should do is to go back and think twice? The final decision is made by us – we should work for our sharing future instead of ourselves.

Think in Sick
Team Ao Ieong Weng Fong
2’4” | Macau | 2010 [B]
SIC 2010 Best Moving Image Design

Ao Ieong Weng Fong (Director/Sound), Jarvis Lee (Sound)

“Humans live and feel through memories”
Suffering from insomnia in the past few days made me think about the past. When I grow up, the world had also changed. I think, keeping the heart pure is important.

Salty Humid Chicken
Team Green Curry Bandits
2’4” | Macau | 2010 [B]
SIC 2010 Best Sound Design

Yves Etienne Sonolet (Director), Nuno Gomes (Sound)

Trapped in the same heating fridge, two orgasmic chicken take off to another dimension.

The Harmful of Drug Addict
Team Confused Generation
3’0” | Macau | 2010 [B]
SIC 2010 Public Favourite Award

Jeff Chio (Director), Ho Wai Wa (Music), Wong Kun Nam (Script)

The girlfriend went on a business trip…
The boyfriend, in the state of waiting, made him feel lonely and gloomy and finally gave up on himself. He now knows love hurts and the effects of drug abuse.

Strange Occurences by the Water Front
Team LTL
3’8” | Macau | 2011 [B]
SIC 2011 Best In Event

Yves Sonolet (Director), Nuno Gomes (Sound), Nayima Kok (Whistleblower)

Macau’s historical and political context make it an exceptionally hybrid location on planet Earth. Floating structures, bloating landscapes, ‘Strange Occurrences by the Water Front’ is a humorous account on a city morphing daily under the eyes of its inhabitants.

Team Adrenaline
1’30” | Macau | 2011 [A]
SIC 2011 Best Moving Image Design

Jay Lei Pui Weng (Story/Design/Animation), Angel Kwok Ka Yan (Story/Design/Music)

An amazing journey between several different spaces, featuring some typical Macau elements with fascinating imagination.

G.E. Mistake
Team Alphpropp
1’49” | Macau | 2011 [B]
SIC 2011 Best Sound Design

Diogo Martins (Director/Producer)

A conversation between God and man, where God let’s man choose and reflect over his options.

Your Mind is Your Weapon
Team RK
2’16” | Macau | 2011 [A]
SIC 2011 Public Favourite Award

António Conceição (Director)

Through a series of chapters, the video recreates a series of challenges that athletes and other people face everyday when they encounter a problem. The angle is to make people understand that their most important muscle, their most powerful attribute is their mind, alas, their imagination is their talent!