04/12 14:30 SIC 2012-2013

Life’s A Soundcheck
Team Flying Fish
3’8” | Portugal | 2012 [A]
SIC 2012 Best In Event

Nuno Barbosa (Director/Editor/Soundtrack), Cristiana Figueiredo (Photography/Camera), Rui Alves (Photography/Camera)

It is a two minutes short film about everyday life sounds and creativity. A writer, with a creativity problem, finds that every sound in life could be music and get inspired by it.

Arnold Learns a Lesson
Team Is This Camera
3’0” | Macau | 2012 [B]
SIC 2012 Best Moving Image Design

Rui Borga (Producer), Diogo Esteves (3D Generalist), Goncalo Ferreira (Creative), Ricardo Mesquita (Edit)

The clip is about pest control with cockroaches, and in a satirical way, also subtly mentions the self-medication issue. It tells a story of Arnold who did not feel well after a party, and randomly took some medicine without realising its content that made him thought he would.

5 Elements
Team Lobo
1’45” | Macau | 2012 [A]
SIC 2012 Best Sound Design

Vanessa Pimentel (Video), Chong Siun (Sound)

A man is walking, watching and listening the day turning into night and then day again, like a cycle or phase that life itself represents; to be as simple as the five elements.

A Lost Bet
Team AV Stars
1’53” | Macau | 2012 [B]
SIC 2012 Best Media Communication

Nuno Viegas (Director)

Don’t take the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol. Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally preventable.

Team Antonio Faria
2’20” | Macau | 2012 [B]
SIC 2012 Best Local Entry

Antonio Faria (Director)

Motivation is a driving force. In order to accomplish a goal, you need a driving force, otherwise nothing will happen. A wish a weak desire that does not make you take action. Only with motivation, a person can accomplish aims and goals.

Dawn of Live
Team K.P. Productions
3’26” | Portugal | 2012 [A]
SIC 2012 Public Favourite Award

Koji Azevedo (Director/Producer/Editing), José Pestana (Music/Voice)

A young man wakes up searching for the beauty of the Porto city The clip blends the three concepts of video, photography and sound that marks the black and white festival.

Connecting Flight
Team Adrenaline
3’4” | Macau | 2013 [A]
SIC 2013 Best In Event

Jay Lei Pui Weng (Director/Art Director/Animator)

Awaiting the next departure, he recalled flashbacks that led to the struggles. Yet, time never stops.

Team Brainwash
2’0” | Macau | 2013 [B]
SIC 2013 Best Moving Image Design

SCORPIO (Music), Piotr Bockowski (Art Direction/Video Editing/Performance), Cristine Brache (Camera)

Polluted by trashy media imagery, the brain seems dirty. It needs to be washed.

Light Pollution
Team 83 Production
1’33” | Macau | 2013 [A]
SIC 2013 Macau Cultural Identity

Chris Siu (Director), Ocean Tong (Actor)

Alone in this city, we get lost under the glitters in the dark.

Spring of Life
Team EveryLast
2’15” | Macau | 2013 [A]
SIC 2013 Best Communication Design

Andrea Blu’ (Director), Filipa Costa (Performance), Ernesto Ruiz (Music), Maria Elena Medina (Music)

Time – a conception of spending every single moment to explore a beyond belief and pictorial world which laid out in uncertainty.

Drugs are Good
Team Kenny Leong
1’43” | Macau | 2013 [B]
SIC 2013 Best Local Entry

Kenny Leong (Director), Enlil Lo (Director)

the teenagers’ thoughts on drugs.

The Facebookers of Macau
Team Óright
3’0” | Macau | 2013 [B]
SIC 2013 Public Favourite Award

André Cortesão (Director)

Almost every single person of this chaotic peninsula spends one or more hours everyday on this gigantic website, even if they do not admit.