04/12 15:00 SIC 2014-2018 Fiction 1

Angel or Demon
Director Pascal Forney
8’48” | Switzerland | 2014 [B]
SIC 2014 Best Fiction
SIC 2014 Public Favourite Award

It’s the never-ending battle between good and evil. An angel hounds a demon to prevent him from harming humans. This chase will lead them to duel on a train platform.

Pascal Forney discovered the art of show business through magic shows. He then became passionate about cinema and went on to study film-making at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne). In 2005, he founded Imaginastudio with Arnaud Gantenbein, a production company specialized in genre films and entertainment.

The Wall
Director Andra Tévy
16’57” | France | 2014 [A]
SHORTS 2015 Best Fiction
SHORTS 2015 Public Favourite Award

One winter evening on a snowy weather a woman is going to her job. The surroundings are hostile the labour – backbreaking. And a window doesn’t close anymore : it snows inside the work space. The chore place becomes a land of adventures…

Andra Tévy is native from Romania, lives and works in France since she was 18. She studied twice at the national French school, la FEMIS, first cinematography then script writing. She has been working on feature films during 15 years in the camera department while teaching and writing scripts that she begun to direct in 2013.

Director Hong Heng Fai
21’47” | Macau | 2016 [B]
SHORTS 2016 Macau Cultural Identity
SHORTS 2016 Best Local Entry

After a long day at work, Cai returns home as usual, only to find out that his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, has disappeared. In vain, he looks for her everywhere. Worried and not knowing what to do, he posts an appeal for help on a social networking website. In one single night, his life is going to change.

Hong Heng Fai founded his studio named as Day Day Studio in 2014, based in Macau. He had then produced his first short film “Before Dawn” that later won the champion of the “Rush 48 Competition” which held by Macau Cultural Centre. Encouraged by the recognition of his films, he then continued to engage himself in short films.