04/12 19:00 Expanded Cinema

Bijagó, the Sacred Treasure
Director Domingos Sanca
52‘00” | Guinea-Bissau | 2018 [B]

For ritualistic reasons on the Island of Canhabaque, Guinea-Bissau, men are forced to separate from their wives. The documentary portrays the suffering of women as victims of these ancestral practices.

Domingos Sanca, holds a degree in Cinema and Television at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television de San António de Los Banhos La Havana at the Republic of Cuba. He is a director, scriptwriter and cameraman for the documentaries films: “Rio da Verdade” on the environmental “Tarrefes Natural Park of Rio Cacheu “, and “Thretened Paradise” on the discovery of oil in the Bijagós Archipelago, a biosphere eccosystem reserve inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage site. This documentary won the International Contest Program DOCTV-CPLP – Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries I, II in Guinea-Bissau and was screened in over ten international television channels. Director of the short film “Matu Malgós” and won the Best Picture Award at UEMOA Festival, Cotê D`Ivoir.
Domingos, participated in several international film and television festivals namely: UEMOA Festival, (CLAP-IVOIRE) – Abijan, Cotê D’Ivoire; Mostra Brasilidade – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Official Portuguese Language Film Festival (CINEPORT), Paraíba – Brazil; (CineEco), Seia – Portugal, International Documentary Film Festival (Doc-Kanema) – Mozambique, among others.