04/12 20:00 SHORTS Documentary 2

Macaenses – An odyssey
Director António Pinto Marques
28’59”| Macao | 2018 [B]

This documentary on the Macanese diaspora is based on interviews conducted in North America. Following the Opium Wars and the Nanjing treaty in 1842, an emigration flow was triggered by political, economic and social transformations in Asia.

António Pinto Marques studied at the London School of Film. In particular he worked in the production of Mother of all Documentaries, “The World at War”, for BBC, considered “a groundbreaking 26-part documentary series narrated by the actor Lawrence Oliver about the deadliest conflict in history, World War II”.

Histories of Wolves
Director Agnes Meng
22’27”| Portugal | 2018 [B]

Related on wolfs in north Portugal Mountains, a village called Pitões das Junias at one peak among rocky ranges. At nightfall hour, shepherds gathered and tell stories that might happen or not. It inspired by internal fighting between human and wolf.

Agnes Meng is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer. She graduated from School of Journalism and Communication in Tsinghua University, Beijing and “Docnomads” Erasmus Joint Master delivered by a consortium of universities of Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. “Histories of Wolves” premiered at 25th Hotdocs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto.

Finding Beauty in Garbage
Director Satyakam Dutta
07’19”| India | 2018 [B]

“Finding Beauty in Garbage” It is basically a satire on the menace of garbage pollution in general and in the city of Dibrugarh, known as the “Tea Capital” of India, in particular. The film not only mocks at the fragile civic amenities in the city, like lack of garbage bins or total apathy towards cleaning them by the municipality…

He is an Indian Revenue Service Officer and has been vocal about societal issues and has special interests in all kinds of pollution, especially plastic pollution. Prior to joining the Government, he founded/co-founded many community-based projects such as www.sakori.org (the largest job portal of North East India), etc.

Director Masoud Sadati
21’54” | Iran | 2018 [A]

For 7 years, a young man visiting a family, deep into the jungle and telling us the story of their routine life.

Masoud Sadati was born in 1990 in Iran, graduated from double major in IT and linguistics in 2015. He learnt directing and editing by self because of the passion that always had for cinema.