05/12 14:00 SIC 2014-2018 Fiction 2

Dad in Mum
Director Fabrice Bracq
6’10” | France | 2014 [B]
SIC 2014 Honourable Mention in Fiction

The middle of the night. Moans are heard behind the parents’ door. Two young sisters are asking questions…

Fabrice Bracq started out filming “making of documentaries” for feature films, and then he worked for the ECPAD (The cinema organization for French Army) where he made a variety of films, for museums, for Ministry of Defense and for TV. During that time he also directed short films and documentaries.

Smell the Smell
Director Chu Hio Tong
4’49” | Macau | 2017 [B]
SHORTS 2017 Macau Cultural Identity

John invites his girlfriend Faye to stay overnight for their “first night”. John discovers that Faye’s smell was no more the same as before when he tries to kiss Faye. It’s so frustrating that makes him wonder what or whom did he actually love.

Hilton Chu was the program director of Mastv. She is a young writer and director with a great passion for storytelling and discovering the beauty of life, she strives to reflect this in her projects, and remains “Stay hungry, stay foolish” as Steve Jobs said.

Who Am I?
Director Mark Justine Aguillon
26’0” | Philippines / Macau | 2018 [C]
SHORTS 2018 Audience Choice

Three different individuals. Three different issues: Family, Career, Love — which made them question themselves: “why do I exist in a world full of uncertainty?”, “what is my purpose here?” and “Who I Am I?”

Mark Justine Aguillon is a Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication, graduated from New Era University. He has won numerous awards, including Recognition for International Achievement in Cinema at the International Film Festival Manhattan, New York City (National Commission of Culture & Arts), and Best Actor (Traffic Light) in 2014.