05/12 15:15 SIC 2014-2018 Fiction 3

Pale Mirrors
Director Salem Salavati
16’0” | Iran | 2016 [B]
SHORTS 2016 Honourable Mention in Fiction

“Shawbo” a woman has only 24 hours to be pregnant. This might be her last opportunity to be a mother, but assuming the vague future completely has confused her. For this important reason, she needs to go to the city prison…

Salem Salavati was born in 1975 in Kurdistan, Iran. He is an Iranian film director, scriptwriter and cinematographer. He started his cinematography work in 1989. He has since directed 11 short films and 3 documentaries. He has also been the director of photography for 4 feature films and over 30 short films.

Director Penny Lam Kin Kuan
25’40” | Macau | 2018 [B]
SHORTS 2018 Macau Cultural Identity
SHORTS 2018 Best Local Entry
SHORTS 2018 Best Director

Two mainland Chinese come to Macau to work illegally, one at a construction site and the other as a sex-worker. The changes in the policy towards illegal workers and the increment on penalties complicate their situation; their lives, wealth and their future.

Penny, Lam Kin Kuan, was born in Macau in 1988. He has started making films in 2007 mostly in documentaries. In 2012, completed his MA in Documentary at Goldsmiths, University of London, with a scholarship granted by Macau’s Cultural Affairs Bureau. “Illegalist” is his first short fiction.

Silent Campine
Director Steffen Geypens
15’20” | Belgium | 2018 [C]
SHORTS 2018 Best Fiction
SHORTS 2018 Best Sound Design

Flanders, Post World War I. A traumatized ex-soldier and his obedient son go hunting every day in order to survive and take care of the mortally ill mother. Daily pushed to their limits until there’s a point of no return.

Steffen Geypens was born in Herentals, Belgium. Besides working as a post-producer at Caviar Brussels, he directed the short Hold Back (2016). This film was selected in more than 25 festivals around the world. Silent Campine is his second film as and was made with the same team.