05/12 16:30 SIC 2014-2018 Fiction 4

Come, the light
Director Chao Koi Wang
27’21” | Macau | 2015 [C]
SHORTS 2015 Macau Cultural Identity
SHORTS 2015 Best Local Entry

It tells the struggle of Wei, the casino host, who has to choose between money and love. With luck and misfortune coming at the same time, can Wei still hold on to a faint ray of hope?

Chao Koi Wang was born in Macau in 1988. He was admitted to the Master’s program at the University of Taiwan. His distinguished works including MARCH RHAPSODY (2010), A BOY’S PRAYER (2014). His works have been nominated by over 40 film festivals, including Bangalore International Short Film Festival, FIRST International Film Festival. At the end of the year 2014, he was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Macau government.

The Way I love you
Director Fernando Gracia-Ruiz Rubio
16’0” | Spain | 2016 [C]
SHORTS 2016 Honourable Mention in Fiction

Dani is a petty criminal who falls for the police to stop after landing a trade.

Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio is a Spanish filmmaker notably known for his successful short THE WAY I LOVE YOU, selected in more than 40 festivals and awarded 20 prizes.

Director Chao Ut Ieng
12’41” | Macau | 2017 [C]
SHORTS 2018 Honourable Mention in Macau Cultural Identity

A young wife, in order to escape the pressure from her husband who has a strong desire for a baby, adopted a cat and therefore discovers the secret part of his husband.

Chao Ut Ieng got her bachelor degree in Digital Media Design in Macau Polytechnic Institute in 2017 and received an award for Outstanding Graduation Design.