05/12 19:00 Expanded Cinema

Douro Boys
Director Maxim Bessmertny
13’10” | Macao | 2018 [A]

In the North of Portugal where the land is fertile and the climate is perfect for making wine, we meet the five wine makers that make up the Portuguese wine supergroup called Douro Boys consisting of a collaboration between five different wine estates. Despite their different tastes, styles of winemaking and personalities, the Douro Boys are willing to challenge themselves and look past their egos to bring Portuguese table wines to the rest of the world. A work in progress documentary that shows you the first part of a developing series.

Maxim Bessmertny was born in Vladivostok, Russia and raised in Macau. He is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Founder of Pontus Maximus Productions, he has written, directed and produced narrative short films during the past nine years, many of which have won numerous awards worldwide, notably ‘Tricycle Thief’ which won the Kodak Gold Award after its world-premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and ‘Sampan’ which recently premiered in his birth town of Vladivostok. Maxim’s latest documentary effort is entitled ‘Douro Boys’, a mini-documentary series focused on the great winemakers of Portugal.