05/12 20:00 SHORTS Fiction 2

The King Crab
Director Enock Carvalho / Matheus Farias
23’15”| Brazil|2019 [C]

Eduardo has a mysterious disease in his body. The appearance of crabs everywhere in the tropical city of Recife may have something to do with it.

Enock Carvalho and Matheus Farias are filmmakers and screenwriters from Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. They are co-founders of the production company Gatopardo Filmes and at the moment, they working on third short film entitled “Astronave”. Their films are with an investigative approach on themes such as identity, bodies, history and memory, through narratives that happens through the lens of the horror and sci-fi genres.

Director Simone Fiorentino
12’52”| Italy | 2018 [C]

Tommy is a tormented boy. He has a bad imaginary friend whom he sees and identifies in “Osho”. Osho loves to torment him. When cohabitation becomes terrifying, Tommy decides to abandon him in an unexpected way.

Simone Fiorentino was born in Palermo in 1995, he is an Italian actor and filmmaker who debuts in 2018 with “Together”, the first short film he writes and directs.

Director Yannick Nolin
12’43”| Canada | 2018 [C]

Two young men return home to attend the funeral of their former hockey coach. It’s always important to speak up when one witnesses aggression.

Yannick Nolin is a filmmaker, photo director and photographer based in Quebec City. Being the Co-founder of Kinomada, of which he is not only the general manager, he has also directed a dozen short films.

Theory of Evolution
Director Ting Hang Yip
21’48”| Macao | 2018 [C]

Sam Fong, who is a clerk of an advertisement company, is divorced and needs to raise his son by himself. In office, he also bears the pressure and insult from his boss. After witnessed his colleague’s strike against his boss, Sam finds a chance to choose his own ‘evolution’.

Ting Hang Yip, born in Hong Kong, grew up in Macau. He got the Bachelor degree of Literature and the MFA, majoring in Film Directing, from The Taipei National University of the Arts. His works include Dream (2012) and Photography (2013). He works as a freelancer now, filming some short films, TV programmes and music videos.