06/12 11:00 SIC 2014-2018 Documentary 2

Boat People
Director Filipa Queiroz
30’0” | Macau | 2016 [A]
SHORTS 2016 Honourable Mention in Macau Cultural Identity

In the early 80s a family was literally born in a refugee camp in Macau. Three decades after, the protagonists, journalists and other witnesses look back to the time when Macau became a safe haven for refugees coming from Vietnam.

Filipa Queiroz is a journalist and editor. She has ten years of experience in television, newspapers and magazines. For the past 6 years she lived in Macau SAR (China) where she worked as a full time television reporter for TDM. She also directed 2 other films in Macau.

Director Marco Huertas
28’35” | Spain | 2016 [B]
SHORTS 2017 Audience Choice

Three children struggle to get 56 kg of rice: the cost of going to school in Soavinarivo, a small village isolated in the Madagascar inland.

Spanish filmmaker based in Madrid. Director of the internationally awarded short film 56 (2016). Experienced through years in directing commercials, music videos and fashion films, working in and out advertising agencies and production companies. Currently offering freelance services in Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin.

Director Rodrigo Meireles
20’19” | Brazil | 2017 [B]
SHORTS 2018 Best Documentary

Anderson is a middle aged Brazilian with cerebral palsy. He was invited to make a short film and only accepted if it wouldn’t be a drama. He counts on his brother’s friendship and his football team’s passion to do it.

Rodrigo Meireles graduated in Cinema and Video and has worked in a few Brazilian independent movies. “John the Baptist” (João Batista, 2015) is his first short film as a producer/director, which has received ten awards in festivals around the world. The short “Anderson” is his second work as producer/director.