06/12 15:30 SHORTS Fiction 4

Director Dominique Barniaud
09’02”| France | 2018 [B]

Lina is a 9 years old girl and she faces to her first little girl troubles. She will ask some help to her mother, but a mother can’t do some things…

Dominique Barniaud was born in 1953 in Paris, France. He is a television and advertising director and producer since the 90’. But he always dreamed of cinema. In 2015, he made his first short film “La Cox de Victor”.

404 Not Blue
Director Kam Chi Hong / Wu In Teng
24’39”| Macao|2018 [B]

For you, the blue sky hangs just within reach, but for them, the blue sky is out of reach.This story is about three students they set out on a journey to find the blue sky.

Kam Chi Hong and Wu In Teng graduated in 2018 from the University of Macau, with a major in Communication and specialization in Creative media. Their short film “A Page” was selected and screened at the Sound & Image Challenge International Festival 2017.

Jo and Jade
Director Ethan Ross
14’00” | United Kingdom | 2019 [B]

Jo and Jade are two very different teenagers – Jo is geeky, quiet, and shy, whereas Jade is outgoing, confident and popular. After many painful dates, Jade goes round for dinner at Jo’s house, and after some struggle eventually breaks up with her, leaving Jo stunned, and not sure what to think.

Ethan Ross is a teenager from North London, who has been making no-budget short films with his friends for around 2 years now. In 2018, he won the Oxford University School French Film Competition, with his reimagining of film “Une Vie de Chat”.

Screw the boys
Director Anthony Coveney
08’08”| Canada | 2018 [B]

All Grade 6 students remove their coat from their locker. A paper passes discreetly between the children, right towards Anaïs. She opens it and finds out that it is a message from Laurier. Knife in the heart, rage in the eyes, she rushes on him and slaps the hell out of his face. A first heartbreak, it strikes!

He is a filmmaker native from Longueuil, Montreal born in 1994. He studied Film at UQAM from 2016 to 2019 and has filmed lots of video clips. His principal aspirations are the scenarisation at directing. He has especially directed Screw The Boys (2018) and UZEMI (2018).

This Society
Director Echo Mak
21’45”| Macao | 2018 [B]

Tak and Cheng are members from a high school club – This Society. Their lives were changed after a special examination, and which way would they choose when they faced this challenge?

Echo Mak graduated from the University of Macau and majoring in creative media. She enjoys filmmaking and hopes to express more stories with film in her life.