06/12 20:00 SHORTS Documentary 3

The Briefing
Director Filip Drzewiecki
19’07”| Poland | 2018 [B]

A group of students must care for their first patients during a Medicinal Intern summer camp. The young adepts will have a short time to grow into fully-fledged doctors and achieve their vocation.

Filip Drzewiecki has obtained Editing Department Master degree in Polish National Film School in Lodz graduate. He has edited a feature documentary “Monk of the sea” by Rafal Skalski which premiered at 69th Locarno Film Festival. ” The Briefing” is his debut as the director.

The Dam
Director Natalia Koniarz
22’18”| Poland | 2018 [C]

Son takes his father, with whom years ago he cut the contact, to a journey. They go to the mountain solitude, a place where once they built a small cottage. In the surrounding of severe nature together they are going to face their inner weaknesses.

Natalia Koniarz was born in 1996. She is a second-year student of Film Directing at the Faculty of Radio and Television in Katowice. She has made visualizations for symphonic music, short feature forms and music videos. She travels extensively and pursues feature photography.

Waiting for a Miracle
Director Aljona Surzhikova
13’32” | Estonia | 2019 [B]

A very sensitive and personal story dedicated to death of the child of director and cameraman of the film. It is not about death, it is about life.

Aljona Surzhikova has obtained a BA in television direction and film and video in Tallinn University and an MA in director of documentaries in Saint Petersburg State University for Film Industry and Television. She has also made broadcasts and documentaries for the following channels: ETV (Estonia), Kanal2 (Estonia), Kanal Kulturas (Russia), TV5 (Russia).

At Midnight Plays A Dance-Tune
Director Roy Seerden
30’00”| Netherlands | 2018 [D]

The story is about the director Roy Seerden. When his mother died, sex, drugs, roaming through the night: his life transforms into a bundle of energy, grief and detachment. Meanwhile, he can’t help thinking of his strange neighbor Antoine. Without any words, he parted away to Antoine. The conversations with his former neighbors make Roy remember his mother in his childhood.

Roy Seerden specialised in concept, photography and esthetics. Because of his love for Documentary and his interest in a wide range of topics he eventually ended up at the Netherlands Film Academy. During his course, he made “Weinig van Elkaar” and “Grass Ice Asphalt”.