07/12 11:00 SHORTS Fiction 5

Roberta’s Living Room
Director Judy K Suh
12’00”| United States | 2018 [B]

In a remote town where gypsies come and go, Roberta receives a call about her husband’s sudden death. She becomes consumed with the uncertainty of her fate.

Judy K Suh is a writer, director and video installation artist based in Chicago. She first began filmmaking in South Korea and eventually graduated from Northwestern University in the US with a degree in film and fine art. She works in advertising as an editor, director or designer.

Homeward Bound
Director Tamar Goren
20’00”| Israel | 2018 [C]

In a small apartment in Tel Aviv, in the hot and humid days of August, while her parents are going through an ugly divorce, 17 years old Noga is searching for a place of her own.

Tamar Goren is a director based in Tel Aviv, directing films and music videos. He studied at the film department of Minshar School of Art and majored in Directing and script writing. Graduated in 2017 with honor. Tamar directed three short films including “Desert”, “Simona and Eden”, “Homeward Bound” were selected in film festivals worldwide and won prizes.

Do Not Ask For Your Way
Director Deborah Hassoun
16’59”| France | 2019 [B]

After 6 years of analysis, Inès, 31 years old, wishes to leave her analyst. When confronted with the magnitude of the task, she decides to get help… from another analyst.

Deborah Hassoun studied the screenwriting class at the University of Québec Montreal and enters the European Conservatory of Audiovisual Writing. She then works for television as a scriptwriter codirects a documentary. “Do not ask for your way” is her first film.

Director Yichao Fu
11’20”| China | 2019 [B]

Before Lantern Festival, the leader of the gang and his brother came to his father’s grave in the mountain behind the village……

Yichao FU was born in 1997 from Shanxi in a family that all members sing Shangdang Laozi opera. During high school, he started to make short films to express own feelings about adolescent ages and emotions. Over five short films won more than 40 awards and nominations during his student years.

The Adventures of Wonderboy
Director Marti Young, Alan Brazzell
10’19”| United States | 2019 [B]

When the nefarious Dr. Black threatens the future of Nashville, it’s up to Wonderboy to save the day.

Marti King Young, filmmaker and author of the book “Help! I Have An Audition! Now What? “. Her short film, Stolen, earned the Best Director award at the Miami Beach Film Festival in 2018. She is also a proud member of the Alliance of Women Directors.