She Is Fire
Director Nuno Moreiras
Band Why Monkey
04’30” | Macau | 2019 [B]

Why Monkey is a band based in Macau, currently producing their third album of originals. Besides previous awards, they recently received the “Attractive Music” and “Creative and Fun” awards from HUSH Musical Festival 2018 and 2019 editions, respectively.

Nuno Moreiras plays the role of Musician and Music Video Director for Macau band Why Monkey since their formation in 2011. Over the past years, three music videos by his authorship have received awards from Macau’s Institutions and Music Festivals and have been featured in several international platforms. His music video Medicine Man was shortlisted and debuted at Sound & Image Challenge International Festival in 2018.

When I Met You
Director Komic Chan
Band Tiago Lei
04’55” | Macau | 2019 [B]

Tiago Lei was born in Macau, he graduated with a degree in Multimedia Design at the Macau Polytechnic Institute and took a Master’s in Cultural Industry Management at the City University of Macau. He is engaged in the production of entertainment. His MV “Starting line of Life” won the “Best Music Video” in the Sound & Image Challenge International Festival 2018. This song won the “Favorite Song Loved by Music Fans Award” in 17th session of TDM Music Award.

Komic Chan is the brand founder and creative director of Komic Production, Komic Music and Komic Image, Komic Chan is the independent singer-songwriter, producer, photographer, director and executive producer from Guangzhou. Directed and shot the MV of singer Elise Lee’s “Morning Call”, the MV of singer Tiago Lei’s “When I Met You” and other MV works.

Feeling Coming
Director Cheong Leong
Band Ariejohn
03’48” | Macau | 2019 [B]

A two-person music group from Macau consists of vocalist – Arie, and guitarist – John. Two of them who have different music styles became friends and unexpectedly emits warm and random notes. They inject healing energy into the music, without complicated musical instruments and too much rendering. Fresh and full of vitality, is the music style of Ariejohn.

Cheong Leong – With qualifications in film editing program in Beijing since 2011 and several experiences in shooting work and filming programs, I have been engaging in lots of short movies and films production.

Director Jarvis Mo Filipe Baptista
Band Filipe Baptista
03’41” | Macau | 2019 [B]

Filipe Tou – The Macau dancer/singer has been expending his profession not only within the music industry, but to the field of producing and directing his own musical works and more. Tou’s passionate about on-stage performance as well as in-screen, in front and behind the curtains.

Jarvis Mo – As a dancer to a director, Mo expresses his value for life with different media, by recording the cultural impacts from dance and music. The strong sense in beat is always found in Mo’s work, which to be reached out to a wider audience range.

Director Lolita Ribeiro, Elisa Chan
Band Elisa Chan
04’20” | Macau | 2018 [B]

Elisa Chan – With a distinctive voice, Elisa Chan started singing during her high school years and was contracted to a local label as one of their song artists. She left in 2017 to start her own journey wrote “Indigo” as her first independent song.

Lolita Ribeiro – a Macanese-Thai raised in Macau. She first found her passion in photography during high-school and later proceeded to self-study on videography. Having special interest in music videos, she has filmed several that have won awards in Macau.

Director Bruce Pun
Band Experience
03’31” | Macau | 2019 [B]

Experience – The band participated In the HUSH music festival many times around these years. 3 album was launched “Now!Peace”,”Experience of The Experience” and “Pegasus Lesson”. Their Songs “My Fado”,”Channel” and “Times”also awarded by the TDM Music award in 2014, 2018 and 2019. And the MV of the song “Channel” was also awarded by the “Oh! MV music award” 2018.

Bruce Pun – Macau’s guitarist, composer and theatre music director who had studied in Paris, formed the band “Experience” and produced 3 albums. In 2018, the MV “Channel” obtained the Best Band in . Another MV , “Times” , got the Best MV in in 2019.

No Matter When
Director Qiuyu Bian
Band Boiaü
05’08” | Macau | 2018 [B]

The musician, Boyao Wu, is an indie musician from University of Macau (UM), the founder and first president of Rap Association of UM.

The director, Qiuyu Bian, is a year three student from University of Macau, major in Communication.

The Other Side
Director Kelvin Pun
Band Power Long
04’30” | Macau | 2019 [B]

Power Long, established in Macau in September 2018. In the same year, they premiered their worldwide original love song “The Other Side“. Their main performances are in Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, etc. In 2019, they won the championship in a singing contest in Hong Kong.

Kelvin Pun, a Macau singer. He used a unique style of stage, warm voice, fairy-tale visual effects in the imitation show of Aaron Kwok and William So. In 2018, he premiere his worldwide personal song.