07/12 13:00 SIC 2015-2018 VOLUME Music Video

Director Ao Ieong Weng Fong
Band Forget the G
5’14” | Macau | 2015 [A]
VOLUME 2015 Music Video

Mike Ao Ieong was born in Macau 1984. He graduated from Graduate School of Visual Communication Design of NYUST. His experimental Film ”The Mutation” was awarded by “Jury Recommendation Award” in 2008 by Macau International Movies and Videos Festival.

Ain’t Nobody Else
Director Nick Von Gremp
Singer Eunice
4’30” | Macau | 2016 [B]
VOLUME 2016 Best Music Video

Nick Von Gremp is a director, editor, and does VFX. He is a visionary storyteller.

Director Choi Ian Sin
Banda Burnie
4’15” | Macau | 2017 [A]
VOLUME 2017 Best Music Video

Producer / DJ from Macau — Burnie (Brandon Lamn), released his debut album “Lotus City” in January 2016. He has been performing in Asia recently, and his music style blends together with UK Garage and Bass Music.

Choi Ian Sin is from Macau. She obtained the MA degree in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her first feature film “Sisterhood” is screened in 2017 and at the 1st International Film Festival & Awards in Macau in 2016.

Starting Line of Life
Director Sam Lam, Tiago Lei
Band Tiago Lei
4’15” | Macau | 2018 [A]
VOLUME 2018 Best Music Video

Tiago Lei was born in Macau, he graduated with a degree in Multimedia Design at the Macau Polytechnic Institute and took a Master’s in Cultural Industry Management at the City University of Macau. He is engaged in the production of entertainment, and hopes to bring out the current situation of the society through his works and let people have more deep reflections.

Sam Lam was born in Macau, he graduated from HuaQiao University majoring in animation. He hopes to express various emotions through animation.