07/12 14:00 SHORTS Documentary 4

Manolo Montague and Carmela Capulet
Director María Jáimez
29’00”| Spain | 2019 [A]

What would Romeo and Juliet’s life be like if they hadn’t died as teenagers? What would their every day be like if they were 90 years old?

María Jáimez is an Andalusian actress. She has a wide range of theatrical and audiovisual experience. Recently, she has been internationally awarded for her performance in the short film “Un Minutito” by Javier Macipe. Currently, she has started working as a director.

Director Marco Huertas
27’00”| Spain | 2018 [B]

A day in the life of Isabel and Willie: two brain-strike patients.

Marco Huertas was born in Alicante in 1990. He has received an MA in Film Directing (ESCAC, 2014). He is a director of the doc short 56, 30 times awarded worldwide. For the last five years he has directed adverts for brands such as El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Reale or Euro 6000.

Director Enrique Rey
20’00”| Spain | 2018 [B]

A social stereotype of the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) community, has been built around young, fashionable, well-off individuals having fun, never over 40. But where are LGBTI seniors? Do they vanish into thin air when they turn 40?

He studied Film Studies at the Institute of Film and Media Studies of the Basque Country (Imval), received Master’s degree in Fashion and Advertising Photography from the Bilbao Centre for Contemporary Photography. He is the co-founder of a screenwriting workshop with Michel Gaztambide.

To See the Sea
Director Ana Oliveira, André Puertas
25’00”| Portugal | 2018 [B]

Silence, the sea as background, the sea as a place for affection. Without getting out of their cars, several generations date, relax and share their fascination for the ocean, making plans for the future and contemplating the past.

Ana Luísa Oliveira is a Director and Producer who was born in Portugal. She has a BA in Media at Universidade do Minho, specializing in journalism and video. Her latest short films are “Street Homes” and “2 Square Meters”.
André Puertas, born in Portugal, obtained a degree in Audiovisual Communication Technologies from the Escola Superior de Arte e Espectáculo at IPP and a Master in Cinema Documentary at ESMAD. He is is currently a director and producer on film and audiovisual.