07/12 16:00 SHORTS Animation 1

Starry Sky
Director Zue Ku
05’15”| Macao | 2018 [A]

A shy boy not used to communicate with others sees a sparkling fish in a stream one day and takes it home. His life changes from then on.

Zue Ku is an animation and film lover whose job relates to graphic design. She has released her first animated work Starry Sky after graduation from Taiwan to explore the possibility of developing her animation career in Macao.

Director Léa Cousty, Chloé Astier, Raphaël Guez, Mélanie Fourgeaud,Hugo Bourriez, Victoire Le Dourner
07’12” | France | 2018 [A]

This short film tells the story of a human living in a world full of animals. It is his first day of work as a simple dressmaker in a famous Haute Couture workroom. Instead of doing his work, he sews a disguise that looks like parts of different animals to imitate his colleagues and hide his difference.

Léa Cousty, Chloé Astier, Raphaël Guez, Mélanie Fourgeaud,Hugo Bourriez, Victoire Le Dourner have graduated from Supinfocom Rubika School (Valenciennes, France) with a Master in digital director. In 2018, they co-directed the short film Tailored (Sur Mesure).

Director Ana Maria Angel
07’00”| Germany | 2018 [B]

A Story is about the consciousness awakening and tribulations in the life of a bug.

Ana Maria Angel was born in Cartagena in 1987. In 2008 she went to Berlin to study set and costume design. After studying animation at the Film University Babelsberg she opened her own animation studio with likeminded friends in Berlin named Monströös.

In the Claw
Director Jiang, Shang-Yan
06’45”| Taiwan | 2018 [B]

Shen, Ta-Chi is a commuter high school student who saves money every day. He is longing for going to an upcoming concert. When he saw concert tickets in the claw machine, he discovered that he could get a concert ticket by catching a doll.

Jiang Shang-Yan (born 1999) graduated from Multimedia-Animation of the Chung-Hwa School of Arts of Taiwan in 2018 and showed a keen interest in Photography and Special Effects from rather early stage.

Rabbit meets Crocodile
Director Sam Kin Hang
04’27”| Macao | 2018 [B]

The short animation is adapted from a story published on The Neon Restaurant, a Macau short story collection. The story is about the meeting of an innocent boy and a precocious girl.

Sam Kin Hang, an animation major graduate and TV animator. His work includes “Macao Dealer”, “50% ~ 60%” and Sit up”.

The Lighthouse
Director Jay Pui Weng Lei
07’30”| Macao | 2018 [A]

When the night falls, Luke climbs up to the deserted lighthouse, where he tries to “light up” the memory buried underneath glass curtain walls with the old and worn equipment there.

Jay Pui Weng Lei is a multidisciplinary artist. He graduated from University of the Arts Utrecht in Holland. He specialises in visual storytelling with an emphasis on creativity, emotion and aesthetic of the works, through a variety of media such as illustration, animation and projection art.

The Spider And The Moon
Director Anat M
06’44” | Israel | 2019 [A]

Someone is setting himself to go on his way. He sees himself. And the self that he sees is time. (Zen master Dōgen)

Anat M is an animator, illustrator and multimedia artist from Jerusalem. Someday she would like to visit Japan, and all the other countries.

Director Tania Sharavarava
05’40” | Czech | 2018 [B]

What does it mean to be “man” or “woman”? Does this ideas refer just to a social gender role or display more difficult compound? Two beautiful spirits, who’s interaction originate an infinite variety of life manifestations, an endless dance between music and silence, flame and quietness, suffering and joy, love and indifference, life and… life.

Tania Sharavarava was born in 1986 in Minsk, Belarus. Studied Audiovisual Arts at European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Animation and Interactive Arts at the University of Western Bohemia (Pilsen, Czech Republic). Currently is positioning as an independent multidisciplinary creative, focusing in animation, motion design and illustration.