08/12 11:00 SHORTS Fiction 7

The Other Lotus
Director Ye Zi Heng
26’05” | Hong Kong | 2018 [B]

1940’s. Big Sister, a cold-blooded woman, works to secretly smuggle rice to Macao. After a fatal attack against a beloved colleague, she thirsts for vengeance. However, in the end, she must choose between revenge and saving an innocent’s life.

Ye Zi-heng is a new filmmaker who was awarded the degree of MFA in Cinema
Production from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. ‘The Other Lotus’ is his first short film and period film.

Perfect Solo
Director Ru Jixiao
20’00”| China | 2019 [B]

There is going to be a cello competition in the town, Li Xiang, a senior school student from a poor family, was recommended to join in. Unexpectedly, his father used the cello to pay off the family’s debt. When Li Xiang was confronted with a group of hooligans at the risk of his life, his father appeared with the shotgun that he values most in his hand…

born in Luoyang of Henan Province. He graduated from the Photography Institute of Beijing Film Academy in 2011. In 2013, the short film “Where’s My Brother Going” was included in the Short Film Unit of the World College Student Photo Festival (Director). In 2018, he served as director of photographic in Pisces Yupei.

Sunday Afternoon
Director Loi Chon Pang
13’36”|Macao|2018 [B]

Arnel, a Filipino migrant worker while spending quality time with his family collides with a local youngster, seeks advice from a false clairvoyant after a series of unpleasant events take place on a Sunday in Macau city.

Loi Chon Pang was born in Macau, China. He Majored in Cinema Production in City College of San Francisco. In 2015, the short film “Concrete Jungle” has won Distinction Prize in Rush 48 video challenge in Macau, China.

A Simple Idea
Director Mohamad reza Tehrani
14’51”| Iran | 2018 [B]

Dariush plans to sell the baby in Bita’s belly. Samira and Vahid come to Dariush to buy this baby.

Mohamad reza Tehrani was born in 1987, Tehran, Iran. He made his first movie when he was 14 and after that, he followed Movie Editing and photographing as a second career. He is Founder and CEO of Paeez writing club, Founder and Art Director of Nikzee Educational movie and E Learning Website.

Today Artist, Tonight Taxist
Director Dumitru Grosei
13’54” |Moldova |2018 [B]

The film is about the last hours in the life of a young loser from Chisinau, who is neither a rocker, nor a taxi driver, not even a boyfriend. As a consequence – he makes an accident, in which he dies with a German customer, who has come to look for his grandfather’s grave, dead in the Second World War.

Dumitru Grosei was born in Marinici, Moldova in 1969. He studied Law at Iasi University and then graduated from UNATC Bucharest in Film Directing in 1999. Between 2016 and 2017, he held the position of Director of the National Film Archive of the Republic of Moldova. He is the founder president of the Association of Independent Filmmakers of Moldova Alternative Cinema.