08/12 15:15 SHORTS Fiction 9

Director Nuno Baltazar
13’45”| Portugal | 2018 [B]

A young Chinese girl and her mother struggle to find a better life in Portugal, the “West Coast of Europe”.

Nuno Baltazar was born in Lisboa, Portugal. His first short film Doce Lar, selected for several international film festivals. In 2018 he completed California, his second short film as writer, director and producer, with several screenings on competition and a Best Short Film award at Leiria International Film Festival.

The unsaid
Director Prem Singh
14’24” | India | 2018 [B]

The unsaid (Katran) is a story of an elderly couple, who decide to part ways after 36 years of their marriage but in the end realize that in some obscure corners of their house, still resides a little tug of love that brings them together.

Prem Singh fell in love with Films at the age of eighteen when he saw “Life is Beautiful” (La vita è bella). After a Diploma in Animation, he began to work on his first Hollywood feature film as an Animator. He desires to make Films from the stories that exist in everyday life.

Missing Dad
Director Long Wai I
23’17” | Macao | 2018 [B]

“Sand belongs to the Beach. Wave belongs to the sea. The Beach and the Waveforms a family.” The father finally comes back home after years of hard work and dedication, however, he becomes a total stranger at home. His family is no longer as happy as before. He realizes he missed something when he was away from home. When the family gathers at the Chinese Ghost Festival night, the family storm is meant to happen.

Long Wai I was born in Macau. After studying filmmaking at Kun Shan University in Taiwan, she worked as director and producer in the media company. She had lived in different regions including China, Macau and Taiwan, in which she experienced different cultures and got inspired by them. Her films are mostly social realism.

The Beds of Others
Director Jonay García
15’00”| Spain | 2018 [C]

Laura is a sexual assistant for people with functional diversity. Her boyfriend, Marco, is desperate to find work to change the situation. Perhaps the only thing all we need is a little affection to feel alive.

Jonay García was born in Tenerife in Spain in 1979. He has obtained a degree in Art History. Together with the production company Digital 104, to direct the short films Acto Primero and Veneno, which was selected in more than twenty international festivals. He has been the director of photography for the feature film Modernos.