08/12 18:00 SIC 2014-2018 Fiction 5

90 Degree North
Director Detsky Graffam
21’0” | Germany | 2015 [C]
SHORTS 2016 Best Film of the FESTIVAL
SHORTS 2016 Best Fiction

This grotesque modern fairytale takes the Germans’ religious obedience to the red man to an absurd extreme. 90 Grad Nord is a satirical look at our belief in systems – be they work, capitalism or traffic regulations. What do we do when these systems reveal themselves to be malign?!

Detsky Graffam worked as a director and editor for the BBC, Channel 4, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. His short films have won several awards and prizes. In 2006 Peace of Mind won 1st Prize at the ITV Cobravision Awards. How I Learned to Love Richard Gere received the Caroline’s Comedy Emerging Talent Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival, 2008. Morgengrauen (Slither) won 2nd Prize at the Going Underground Film Festival, Berlin, 2008.

A Drowning Man
Director Mahdi Fleifel
15’30” | Denmark | 2017 [B]
SHORTS 2018 Best Film of the FESTIVAL

Alone and far from home, the kid makes his way through a strange city looking for the means to get through his day. Surrounded by predators he is forced to make compromises merely to survive, his life of exile grows one day longer.

Mahdi Fleifel is a Danish-Palestinian film director who graduated in 2009 from the UK National Film & TV School. In 2010 he set up Nakba FilmWorks with Irish producer Patrick Campbell. In 2016 he won the Silver Bear at the Berlinale with A Man Returned and A Drowning Man was selected for the official competition at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Director Måns Berthas
15’0” | Sweden | 2016 [C]
SHORTS 2017 Best Film of the FESTIVAL
SHORTS 2017 Best Fiction

Lukas, a young dedicated metal head, is visiting his recently departed grandfather at the hospital. Despite the bloodline, he doesn’t want the old man to be buried in the family grave. Dark secrets come to light, and when opportunity comes, he seeks revenge.

Måns Berthas was born in Sundsvall, Sweden. He started to direct short films with a borrowed VHS camera at a young age. Måns has worked within different genres and he has directed number of award-winning documentaries and shorts. Bitchboy is his latest work.