09/12 16:30 SHORTS Documentary 5

Director Zhiwar farajzadeh
05’00”| Iran |2018 [A]

Serok is a boy who helps her father in the summer. Children are the most vulnerable group in society who are exposed to direct influxes of disasters, pressures and problems of life caused by the elderly.

Zhivar Farajzadeh, a student of Sixth Grade Elementary born in 2006. His second movie won golden talent award in Saghez, Iran; Isfahan Dandelion Festival Award in Iran; Special Jury Prize in the Second Children’s Film Festival in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

The Tent
Director Dmitry Fetisov
16’45”| Russia | 2018 [A]

The city’s improvement department wants to eradicate the boot repair shop of the Azad Babaev. Only the eastern mantras of the poet Nizami can save a shoemaker.

Born in Novomoskovsk in 1987 and graduated from St. Petersburg State Institute of Film and TV in 2003. His filmographies involved documentary including Remembering to George Ordanovsky (2013), Autumn Elegy (2015), Silent Clock (2016) and The Tent (2018).

Father of Akka
Director Katja Tauber
19’23”| Israel/Palestine | 2018 [B]

The story tells about Abu Akka’s childhood memories in his hometown far from community. Because of a disastrously wrong he made, he was sent to prison. He still remembers the good times in this fisherman town. There he met the first and only lover: Céline, a Swiss backpacker.

Katja Tauber born in Germany and graduated as a cinematographer from International Filmschool Cologne (ifs). She directed her first documentary “Father of Akka” in Israel and has shot several short films and two features during her studies as a DoP in Germany and worldwide.

My Days in An Apartment
Director Lei Cheok Mei
28’59”| Macao | 2018 [A]

Time passes and things change, leaving a slight warmth. The sweetness that surrounds us is vanishing, gently but inevitably. This story tells us about an old house and an old man, who has made each other company for decades in a peaceful and intimate way.

She’s a bachelor of Filmmaking from Taipei National University of the Arts. She has joined numerous productions as art director. “My Days in An Apartment” was nominated for 41st Taiwan Golden Harvest Awards & Short Film Festival.