09/12 18:00 SHORTS Documentary 6

Fourth Wall
Director Dimitris Gkotsis
10’00” | Greece|2019 [B]

“The 4th Wall” is the side of the society that remains invisible yet similar to others throughout the globe — A world that is reproducing itself in order to produce, surviving rather instinctively.

Dimitris Gkotsis, born in Athens, Greece, 1987. He graduated in 2009 from the University of Derby. His short Film ”Spectrum” was selected in International Film Festivals and won Special Mention at 31st Interfilm – Berlin International Short Film Festival.

SanDaoLing Blues
Director WeiSheng Huang
29’59”| Taiwan | 2019 [B]

As a second generation miner, Xuan Jian’s life led him like train tracks straight into the mines after graduation, he worked in the vicious environment of the steam train for thirty years. Later, the Sandaoling Mines was closed in 2020 because of resources dried up. Xuan Jian and the steam trains will all become just a part of history, the town will in the end, be gone like the steam.

WeiSheng Huang was born in 1974 in Hsinchu, and has loved watching trains since youth. Huang stepped into the filming industry after graduating from university; he has worked as a photojournalist for Ttimes and Nextmedia.

The Man Who ‘Speaks’ Nature
Director Dhritiman Kakati
8’32” |India |2018 [B]

Manoj Gogoi, a conservationist based in Kaziranga, has been dedicating his life towards the rescue and rehabilitation of snakes and birds in particular. He dwells on the reasons that motivated his work and how it has affected his personal life.

Dhritiman Kakati, a 19-year-old student who studies Bachelors of Journalism & Mass Communication and lives in Shimla, from Assam. Storytelling is his tool to change society little by little, as his directorial debut “The Man Who ‘Speaks’ Nature”.