09/12 19:00 SHORTS Fiction 12

Can you bear me?
Director Julia Shuvchinskaya
13’00”| Russian | 2019 [B]

A road movie about a couple that meets for the first time in offline world.

Julia Shuvchinskaya was born in Moscow. She is a film director, photographer, and visual artist. She studied cinematography at ГИТР in Moscow, and Polish Philology at UAM, and organized an art gallery in Liverpool. After received a scholarship in 2013, she study music video directing at the BBDO workshop Academy in Moscow.

Dante vs. Mohammed Ali
Director Marc Wagenaar
28’00”| Netherlands | 2018 [C]

Twenty-year-old Wolf is living in the boxing village of the Netherlands. When he has to fight against his best friend Alexander during a weekly match, he refuses. A rematch is confirmed, which brings Wolf his feelings and emotions to a boiling point. He tries to convince Alexander to join him leaving the village, but his overly romantic message runs into a wall.

Marc Wagenaar received his Bachelor in Communications in Nijmegen. Afterwards, he founded own film production company “Holy Birds” in Berlin. Under this name, he finished his first short film “Holy Bird”. Currently, he completed his graduation film “Dante vs. Mohammed Ali” at the Netherlands Film Academy.

Time Together
Director Lei Meng Lou
23’34”| Macao | 2019 [C]

13-year-old Fay is living in the same room with her maid from Vietnam. Although they are physically close to each other, they live a completely different life due to their different status in the family and the society. Day by day, their relationship has been improving until an incident happened.

Amanda Lei is an independent filmmaker in Macau. She worked as screenwriter, editor in Taiwan and Shanghai. Being a faithful observer of the society, she keenly transforms the feelings into audiovisual expression.