The Festival

The SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2017 is a FESTIVAL of short films that celebrates in Macau the latest and groundbreaking local and international short films and music videos, submitted to the international competition SHORTS and VOLUME of 2017.

The submission deadline for the SHORTS and VOLUME competitions will be 16 June and 20 August 2017, respectively.

The live screenings and awards will take place between 5 and 10 December 2017 in Macau, and is organised by CREATIVE MACAU – The Center for Creative Industries together with the Institute of European Studies Macau. The Festival will have a full programme that will include screenings of various films brought to us by invited curators as well as the finalist short films and music videos of our FESTIVAL’s competitions, pós-screening talks, workshops, Master Classes and other activities that will bring excitement and life to the 2017 Festival.

In the seven previous editions, we have received over five thousand entries from many countries around the world, and past winners are the spotlight of the events and it include : 2016 – Detsky Graffam, Mikel Aristregi and Jose Bautista, Coke Riobóo, Saeed Naghavian, Hong Heng Fai,  Catarina Arnaldez, and Eunice Wong;  2015 – Julien Dykmans, Andra Tevy, Naya Kuu, Bartosz Kruhilk, Chao Koi Wang, and Ao Ieong Fong; 2014 – Emanuele Daga, Aditya Kapur, Arnaud Gantenbein, Julio Pot, and Zelia Lai; 2013 – Lei Pui Weng and Jay Lee, Andrea Candelaria-Gonzalez, Kenny Leong, Siu Weng Un, Scorpio and Piotr Bockwski; 2012 – Nuno Filipe da Cunha Barbosa, Vanessa Rodrigues de Carvalho Lobo Pimentel and Rui Carlos Moura Borga, António José de Caetano Faria, Nuno Rodrigues Antunes da Silva Viegas, and Koji Adelino Ogino de Azevedo; 2011 – Yves Etienne Sonolet; Diogo Martins, Lei Pui Weng, and António Maria Conceição; 2010 – Puzzle Lai Meng Tak; Yves Etienne Sonolet, and Ao Ieng Weng Fong.

The Festival will include, for the first time, an international competition for poster design is opened to all local and international graphic artists. The submission period of art posters for the FESTIVAL POSTER Competition will be from 20 May to 20 June 2017. The competition aims to encourage graphic artists to create a significant art graphic image to branding the FESTIVAL. The winning poster image will be used for the promotion of the Festival that will be held from 5 – 10 December 2017.

The finalist short movies and music videos from the SHORTS, VOLUME competitions and extra short films will be presented to the public during the festival, at the FESTIVAL screening venue, the Dom Pedro V Theatre and another venue, that will be confirmed soon. The finalist FESTIVAL POSTER’s competition will be exhibited at the gallery CREATIVE MACAU from 23 November to 30 December 2017.

The juries for all international competitions will be comprised of the local and international winners of previous years, professionals of the cinema and music industry and festival organisers. The jury, sponsors and partners of the Festival, will present the awards to the winners on 8th December 2017.

Each year, Macau’s geographic location has attracted a number of finalist film directors and producers who, when they first arrive in Macau, encounter a stunning urban landscape and breathtaking scenery worthy of the silver screen.

Macau is a peninsula and two islands which include the city of Macau, Taipa Village and Coloane Village. It offers fascinating UNESCO-listed heritage sites, from Buddhist and Taoist temples to Catholic churches and buildings from the 16th century, and also a wide range of huge, contemporary building structures, designed by world-renowned architects and built since 2004. The contrasts found in the physical landscape together with the multicultural feel of the city, are witnesses to the uniqueness of this place in Asia and in the world, where a peaceful coexistence of peoples is celebrated as a beautiful meeting point between East and the West.

The SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL aims to grow into a benchmark in the realm of Festivals of its kind. We are confident the 2017 festival will exceed everyone’s expectations.


President’s Message

SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2017 follows the successful inception of the first edition of this event back in December last year. Born as a competition, the Festival added a sense of joy and celebration by joining together film lovers, producers, directors, technicians and actors. And it added a sense of place: the D. Pedro V Theater, itself a jewel of Macau’s World heritage status. It was very important to have young foreign directors joining the local one, sharing their experiences and feelings at this platform. This 2017 festival will build on last year success and hopefully make it even better. Welcome to the SOUND AND IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2017. The FESTIVAL invites all professionals and aspirants of the audiovisual industry to submit the recent short films and music videos, giving to the world your contribution to this creative industry.

your bold and creative video productions and let the world know what you are doing in this creative industry.


José Luís de Sales Marques is President of the Board of Directors of the Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM) since 1st January 2002, and also serves as member of the Board of Trustees of the Cultural Industries Fund. He was born in Macau and got his degree in Economics at the University of Porto (Portugal), holding also a master Degree in European Studies by University of Macau/IEEM. Previously he was a high-ranking official of the Macau Government (1983-1993) and Mayor of Macau (1993-2001). He is also very active in civic society, participating at board level in several associations and foundations of the cultural and education sectors. In August 2003, IEEM founded CREATIVE MACAU – CENTER FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES, the first dedicated CI organization in Macau and one of the earliest in Asia.