Naya Kuu

 – Pre-Selection Jury

Scriptwriter and Director

Winner of the prize BEST DOCUMENTARY of Sound & Image Challenge International Festival 2015

Naya Kuu was born in Madrid, Spain. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. After finishing her musical education, she began studying acting at the Juan Carlos Corazza Actors’ Studio. In 2001 she made her first documentary works, The Mayor Superhero and 30 días un mes. In 2006 she moved to Argentina, where she developed as scriptwriter and director with the short films La piecita and Otro hemisferio and the feature documentary A puro pulmón. In 2010 she wrote and directed the short film La revuelta del Donadío and the video clips Circodiversión, Los elefantes, Compren and Niño kolla by the artist Gato Muñoz. In 2011 in Ecuador she produced the documentary Cometa en órbita.

She is currently based in Brussels, where she produced the documentary Un voyage.

Her last two movies, Cuts and Red River, were respectively filmed in China and in Vietnam between 2015 and 2016. Her short films Un voyage, Cometa en órbita, Otro hemisferio and La piecita have won awards at various international festivals.

The short documentary Un voyage (A Journey) won, in Macau, the prize “BEST DOCUMENTARY” of “Sound & Image Challenge Festival 2015”.