International short film competition SHORTS and music video competition VOLUME will be launched tomorrow on 16 March 2017. The two competitions, launched to find the best short films and the best music videos made with song/music by Macau individuals/bands, are for film directors, producers and all professionals in the related field to challenge themselves.

Sponsors and the Festival Committee (President of IEEM, Mr. José Luís de Sales Marques; Festival Director, Mrs. Lucia Lemos; and the Director of the Programmes and Production Division of TDM, Ltd., Mr. Lok Kong) of the FESTIVAL will attend the press conference. Few jury members of the pre-selection panel and grand jury panel will also attend to share their thoughts and talk more about the SHORTS and VOLUME.



The SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2017, organized by CREATIVE MACAU – Center for Creative Industries together with the Institute of European Studies of Macau, is a FESTIVAL of short films that celebrates, in Macau, the latest and groundbreaking local and international short films and music videos, submitted for the international competition SHORTS and VOLUME. The shortlisted short films, music videos and ‘extra’ short films will be screened to the public during the FESTIVAL, at Dom Pedro V Theatre and Cinematheque・Passion (TBC), from 5 and 10 December 2017. Audience will vote for the prize of SHORTS “Audience Choice” on the day.



SHORTS awards the best short films in the categories of FICTION, DOCUMENTARY, and ANIMATION worldwide, motivating local productions and encouraging overseas productions to COMPETE in Macau. It is aimed at professionals in the field of audio-visual as well as novice entering the industry. The submission period is from 16 March to 16 June 2017.


VOLUME is a music-video (“MV”) competition promoting Macau original music to worldwide filmmakers to compete in Macau. Filmmakers worldwide participating this competition have to produce an MV based on one Macau original song. The website of the FESTIVAL, provides access to a list of Macau original music in (“.wav”) format. The submission period is from 16th March to 20th August 2017.



The FESTIVAL will include, for the first time, an international poster design competition for all local and international graphic artists. The submission period of art posters for the FESTIVAL POSTER Competition will be opened from 20 May to 20 July 2017. The competition aims to encourage graphic artists to create a significant art graphic image to branding the FESTIVAL. The winning poster image will be used for the promotion of the FESTIVAL. The works of the finalists will be exhibited at the gallery CREATIVE MACAU shortly before the FESTIVAL, from 23 November to 30 December 2017.


The SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, the 8th edition of the CHALLENGE, is aiming to grow into a benchmark in the realm of Festivals of its kind. We are confident the 2017 festival will exceed everyone’s expectations.