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About the Competition

Sound & Image Challenge International Festival – VOLUME is a music-video competition promoting Macau original music to worldwide filmmakers to compete in Macau. Filmmakers worldwide participating this competition have to produce an MV based on one Macau original music/songs.

Available Macau Original Music/Songs are as follow:



a Producer/DJ, a member of Evade(Macau Electronic music band). Music style blends together with Bass Music and UK Garage. Burnie released his debut album “Lotus City” on Jan 2016. His works won high wide applause and were recommended from the professional musicians and radio podcasts.

Burnie – Atlantic

Future Ghost & Burnie – 139 & Lenox (Burnie Remix)


SONIA Ka Ian Lao

an Indie musician, plays Electronica, Ambient and Dream Pop. and main singer of the band Evade as well. These years, she focus on her first concert and personal EP “Stars”.

Besides, she participated mini musical theatre last year and got high praise from the audience.

Sonia Ka Ian Lao – Stars (Burnie Remix)

Sonia Ka Ian Lao – Sky

Sonia Ka Ian Lao – Hands



Formed in 2005, Blademark is one of the most renowned bands in Macau. Their music focuses on metal with a blend of funk and rap elements, heavy and melodic rock comes with excellent stage performance!

Blademark keeps transforming, adapting new styles and develop on their own!

Blademark – Green Island

Blademark – Summer Love Song


More music/songs will be listed here soon.

Other original songs produced by Macau individual/band, not listed above, may also be used. At least 1 member of the band must hold a valid Macau Resident ID Card (BIR – permanent or temporary) or Macau Working Permit (“Blue Card”) in order to be considered a Macau band. The song in the MV should be used in its full length (without editing), and the entire soundtrack of the MV should only contain the song itself. Please read the regulation before submission.



The submission period is from 16th March to 20th August 2017. Unless an extension is announced by the Organiser, no entries will be accepted after this date. All shortlist will be screened to the public in Dom Pedro V Theater from 5th to 10th December 2017 during the FESTIVAL.

For entry terms and other applied terms, please click to read this PDF file.


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