Festival Team

José Luís de Sales Marques

President of the FESTIVAL

Member of the Festival Committee

President of the Institute of European Studies of Macau

José Luís de Sales Marques is President of the Board of Directors of the Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM) since 1st January 2002, and also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Cultural Industries Fund. He was born in Macau and got his degree in Economics at the University of Porto (Portugal), holding also a Master degree in European Studies by University of Macau/IEEM. Previously he was a high-ranking official of the Macau Government (1983-1993) and Mayor of Macau (1993-2001). He is also very active in civic society, participating at board level in several associations and foundations of the cultural and education sectors. In August 2003, IEEM founded CREATIVE MACAU – CENTER FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES, the first dedicated CI organization in Macau and one of the earliest in Asia.

Lúcia Lemos


Member of the Festival Committee

Coordinator of CREATIVE MACAU – Center for Creative Industries

Lúcia Lemos holds a BA (Hons) Management of the Arts degree from IEEM and has been working in the CENTER FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES as a project manager since its establishment in the year of 2003. She is responsible for running CREATIVE MACAU’s yearly program, which includes competitions, seminars, workshops and participation in international product design fairs. She has been invited to be the juror for many local contests in video arts, product design, logo design as well as performing arts. Lúcia Lemos is not only an artist but an enthusiastic contributor to the local culture and arts sector. Besides being an art lover, she also participated and won awards in video-art and jewellery competitions.

Sonia Viseu

FESTIVAL Assistant

Events Management of CREATIVE MACAU – Center for Creative Industries

Sonia Viseu graduated as an industrial designer from Loughborough University, UK. She has been doing illustrations at a very young age under the influence of Japanese anime and then moving onto animation in her free time in university. On return to Macau in 2007, she started participating in local exhibitions. Her first product design group exhibition was in 2007, displaying a set of the cute electronic alternative healing product of aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and a heat relief unit. In her latest exhibition, 2014 April, she displayed her new series called “Vermillion” using acrylic to create lovely eyes portraying girls’ views in love, in a dual exhibition. Sonia has been a member of the Challenge’s organising team since 2011 when she started working in CREATIVE MACAU, where she focuses on graphic design.

Menn Chow

Production Manager of the FESTIVAL

Marketing & Communications Manager of CREATIVE MACAU – Center for Creative Industries

Menn Chow was born in Macau. He earned, in 2005, a BBA in Business and Information System from University of Macau, and completed an MA in English Studies at the same university last year. He is an art enthusiast in the field of visual arts and fashion, and he has been participating in collective exhibitions since 2008. As a poet, he writes poetry of humanity – “hope”, “death” and “loss”. His works were co-published in 2010.

In 2013, he had his first solo exhibition of paintings and installation inspired from his poetry. He has been working in the private and public sector in the field of Cultural and Creative Industries since 2006. He worked at Creative Macau – Center For Creative Industries (IEEM) between 2007 and 2014, focusing on administrative tasks and web graphic design. Recently, he rejoined the team, focusing on marketing and communications.