International Poster Design Competition

PRIZE – MOP 8,000 (APPROX. USD 1,000)

SUBMISSION PERIOD: 4 March – 30 June 2019

Center for Creative Industries – CREATIVE MACAU together with the Institute of European Studies of Macau will hold the international short film festival SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL that will screen and promote short films submitted to the two international competitions, SHORTS and VOLUME 2019.

FESTIVAL POSTER 2019 is introduced to the CHALLENGE. This poster design competition is for everyone with qualities regarding imagination, innovation, aesthetic, creativity and technique on artistic creation. 


  1. All submitted design projects must comprise two layouts: H – 36” (91.44 cm) x W – 24” (60.96 cm) and H – 24” (60.96 cm) x W – 36” (91.44 cm). 
  2. Have Blank area (4 inches in height) for additional information.
  3. Be able to transform easily into a variety of mediums.
  4. Include the logos of the Festival and organizers, please download here.
  5. state the following text information in the design:
    • International Short Film Festival 2019
    • December 3 – 10, 2019
    • 聲音與影像大比拼國際短片影展2019
    • 二零一九年十二月三至十日
    • Copyrighted characters, images or clip art will not be accepted. 


The organisers will only accept unpublished and ORIGINAL works that are exclusively submitted to this competition and have not been submitted to the previous editions or publicly exhibited anywhere.

Documents mentioned below should be delivered with a completely filled Submission Form by E-mail to Each design project should be submitted indiviually with ONE submission form.

Any work submitted after 30 June will not be accepted unless the organizers announce an extension period. Each participant could submit a maximum of THREE design projects. 

  1. A digital file exported in CMYK jpg format with a resolution in High quality (300 PPI).
  2. Description of works in 30-50 words in ENGLISH, describing the concept and technique of the POSTER FESTIVAL design. If there are any other entities/persons who participated in the creative or technical process of the work, they should be attributed.
  3. A short biography in 30 – 50 words in ENGLISH, which includes the name (Author’s identification and artistic name or any other information that may identify the author), contact details (mobile and email), age, nationality and profession.


  • Strong and undeniable excellence, visual graphic impact and ability to engage the audience;
  • Clarity and suitability, as well as effectiveness, of the messages which should celebrate the international short film Festival;
  • Aesthetic quality, technical quality, originality and creativity on unequivocally broadcasting the SOUND & IMAGE CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2019.


All shortlists of FESTIVAL POSTER 2019 will be notified by 10 July 2019. The shortlists’ posters will be displayed digitally during the FESTIVAL period, as an integrated part of the cultural program of the FESTIVAL.

The organizers will make the selection of the shortlists and the winner.


Only ONE winning project will be used to promote the festival and not for commercial ends. The winner will be credited on promotional material, printed and digital media of the FESTIVAL. 

The decision regarding the winning poster is final and may not be appealed. If the submissions are deemed unsatisfactory based on the criteria, the organizers reserve the rights not to award any prize.

The winner must provide an editable file to fulfil the organizers’ needs.Further information will be requested and submitted within ONE week after the notification. The winner who fails to provide the requested materials before the deadline will be automatically excluded.


Only ORIGINAL design projects are admitted for selection. Considering all legal issues, each competitor assumes full responsibility for the works admitted in the competition. The Organiser will decline any responsibility regarding authorship issues.

Participation in this competition implies your knowledge and acceptance of all terms.