International Short Film Competition

SHORTS awards the best short films in FICTION, DOCUMENTARY, and ANIMATION worldwide, motivating local productions and encouraging overseas productions to compete in Macau.

The short films could be submitted by email or the following online platforms:


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Click here to download the submission form for submitting through email.

Please read the below regulation before your submission, you can download the regulation in PDF here.


  • 1.1MACAU INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (“FESTIVAL”), previously known as Sound & Image Challenge International Festival, is an annual worldwide audio-visual festival which aims to motivate overseas and Macau short film productions to compete in this FESTIVAL.
  • 1.2SHORTS awards the best short films in the categories of FICTION, DOCUMENTARY and ANIMATION.
  • 2.1The submission opens from 16th March to 16th June 2020. Unless the FESTIVAL announces an extension, no submission will be accepted after this date.
  • 2.2All films in the OFFICIAL SELECTION will be included in the public screening sessions at Dom Pedro V Theatre from 1st to 8th December 2020 during the FESTIVAL.
  • 3.1SHORTS is open to anyone of any nationality and age.
  • 3.2Submitted short films must be completed between 1st January 2019 and 16th June 2020. Films selected in previous editions of the Sound & Image Challenge International Festival will not be admitted.
  • 3.3No submission fees.
  • 3.4The FESTIVAL accepts only ONE film by the same director(s) in the categories of FICTION, DOCUMENTARY and ANIMATION.
  • 3.5The maximum duration of each film, including intro and end credits, is 30 minutes for FICTION and DOCUMENTARY, and 15 minutes for ANIMATION.
  • 3.6English embedded captions/subtitled for non-English spoken films required.
  • 3.7The minimum quality should be:
  • Video File: QuickTime or mp4
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Frame Rate: 24, 25 or 30fps
  • Codecs: H.264 with AAC
  • 3.8All submissions must be sent to the FESTIVAL either:
  • By using online submission platforms listed on the FESTIVAL’s website.
  • By email to in combination with a web-based file transfer platform (e.g. ©Dropbox, ©WeTransfer) or file hosting service (e.g. ©Vimeo).
  • By post to CREATIVE MACAU – P.O. BOX 759, MACAU. Parcels must arrive in the mailbox by 16th June 2020.
  • 3.9The following items must be submitted and composed in ENGLISH with each submission:
  • for online platforms:
    Complete the fields in the platform, minimum information includes
    1) Category
    2) Film title
    3) Duration
    4) Synopsis [max 40 words]
    5) Credits
    6) Director’s Biography [max 40 words]
    7) Video file
  • for submission by email or post:
    1) SHORTS SUBMISSION FORM – properly filled in capital letters and signed, downloadable on the FESTIVAL website.
    2) Synopsis [max 40 words]
    3) Credits
    4) Director’s Biography [max 40 words]
    5) Video file [720p or above, please refer to 3.7]
  • 3.10Failure to comply or provide any of the required materials will result in disqualification.
  • 3.11All third-party audio or visual material, legally owned or copyrighted, must be cited clearly during the on-screen credits sequence of the submitted film. Submitters have to attach a proof of authorisation from the third party upon request.
  • 3.12By submitting a film to the FESTIVAL, submitters imply the acceptance of this Regulation.
  • 4.1The FESTIVAL will notify ONLY the contact of the temporarily selected films by 10th August 2020.
  • 4.2Directors/Producers/Representatives of the temporarily selected films must submit an ENGLISH subtitle file (or a dialogue list with accurate timestamp), even the films are in English, and a clean HQ version, within a designated period after being notified. Failing to submit the requested materials by the designated deadline will be automatically excluded from the OFFICIAL SELECTION.
  • 4.3By submitting the requested materials, Directors/ Producers/Representatives agree that the temporarily selected films be included in the FESTIVAL’s OFFICIAL SELECTION.
  • 4.4Submitted version will be the final version for the public screening. 
  • 5.1The INTERNATIONAL JURY PANELS are composed of directors, producers and other professionals in the film industry. They will select the potential best films for OFFICIAL SELECTION in FICTION, DOCUMENTARY and ANIMATION based on their background in the corresponding categories.
  • 5.2The panels will also select the potential Best Student Film, an award newly introduced this year.
  • 5.3The FICTION Jury Panel will indicate the best films for the PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS mentioned in 5.8.
  • 5.4The GRAND JURY PANEL is composed of international experts to judge and decide among the short films in OFFICIAL SELECTION on the winner of each of the following awards:
  • Best Fiction – MOP10,000
  • Best Documentary – MOP10,000
  • Best Animation – MOP10,000
  • Best Film of the FESTIVAL – MOP20,000
  • Best Local Entry – MOP10,000
  • Macau Cultural Identity – MOP10,000
  • 5.5During the public screenings at the FESTIVAL, the audience will VOTE for the winner of:
  • Audience Choice – MOP4,000
  • 5.6Winner of the Best Local Entry MUST hold a valid Macau Resident ID Card (BIR) or Non-Resident Worker’s ID Card (Blue Card).
  • 5.7If there is no winner for Best Local Entry, the sponsor will revert the prize value towards audio-visual training organised by CREATIVE MACAU – Center for Creative Industries for the local participant of the FESTIVAL.
  • 5.8Another July Panel composed of international experts will decide the following PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS:
  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Music
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Visual Effects
  • 5.9There will be no appeal to the decision made by the FESTIVAL.
  • 5.10The GRAND JURY PANEL and the FESTIVAL can also recognise any film with a special award.
  • 5.11All winners will receive a TROPHY and a CERTIFICATE.
  • 6.1All submitted films may be presented to the mass media and be edited in the promotional videos (up to a maximum of 10% of the total duration of the work), exclusively for the promotion of the FESTIVAL.
  • 6.2After the FESTIVAL, the films in OFFICIAL SELECTION may be screened in the FESTIVAL’s extensions in Macau and overseas film festivals, prior to the consent of the directors/producers/representatives.
  • 7.1Only original films are admitted to the FESTIVAL.
  • 7.2The FESTIVAL will not pay any screening rights fees for public exhibition of all films.
  • 7.3Submitted films not in the OFFICIAL SELECTION might be included, with the consent of the directors/producers/ representatives of the film, in the EXPANDED CINEMA session of the FESTIVAL.
  • 7.4The medium (USBs, DVDs, etc.) submitted will not be returned.
  • 7.5Considering all legal issues, directors/producers/ representatives of the submitted films assume full responsibility. The FESTIVAL will decline any sort of responsibility regarding authorship issues.
  • 7.6The FESTIVAL reserves the right to consider and decide on any substance not included in this Regulation.
  • 7.7Winners receiving cash prizes requesting a bank transfer and/or a payment in a foreign currency (other than MOP) are fully responsible for any taxes or fees applied by the bank during transfer.
  • 7.8In case of doubt or discrepancy, the Portuguese version of this Regulation shall prevail.